Club Payment and Fees

Louisa FC is a privately held single member LLC. Louisa FC is an all volunteer organization dedicated to providing certified instruction, professional service and a great soccer experience for all of its players. Louisa FC is one of the most price competitive travel soccer clubs in the surrounding area but ensuring that the club continues to provide a positive and productive experience does not go without expense. Even though we strive to keep our seasonal cost to a minimum Louisa FC would like to share the many behind the scenes expenses of running a travel soccer organization.  These include, but are not limited to the following
  • Equipment (Coaching Gear, Balls, Training & Practice Equipment, Medical Supplies, Uniforms, etc)
  • Background Checks: Required for All Virginia Youth Soccer Association Members (ie: Coaches and Staff)
  • League Fees
  • Referee Fees 
  • Team Registration Fees
  • Tournament Registrations Fees
  • Insurance
  • Administrative Costs (General Office Supplies, Club Gatherings, etc)
  • Continued Training & Education For Players, Coaches & Staff

Timely payment of player fees is what allows the club to pay for all of the services it provides to all teams. As a result, Louisa F.C. has to take steps to ensure that fees are paid on time.

  • There will be a $50 (fifty dollar) late fee applied to all payments received after the due date.
  • There will be a $30 (thirty dollar) fee for all returned checks or denied automatic transactions.
  • If payments are not received on time the player will be noted as being in “bad financial standing” with the club until such time that the fees are paid. A player in this status may not be allowed to train with their team or play in any league/tournament games until their account is made current.
  • The cost of Player Dues for the 2018-19 Summer/Fall Travel Season is $375.  Player Dues can be paid online with our Pay Now button on the top right hand side page of our website. **Make sure you enter your Player’s Name so to ensure proper payment is applied to your account** If you have multiple children playing you will have to do a separate registration form and separate payments for each child through the website. A complete kit will be provided to all new club players. Parents and players are reminded they are responsible for the purchase of any new LFC kit needed, sweat shirts, T-Shirts or travel bags. NOTE: Please take particular care of team kits and be sure to follow all specified washing/drying instructions. (Do Not Use Dryers or Irons on Kits/Sweats). Upon request, a player agrees to return any uniform or equipment that has been issued. Any items loaned out to any parent or player (i.e. kits, sweatshirts or training items) must returned in the same condition of which it was received; except for normal wear and tear.