About LFC

The Louisa FC – Travel Soccer Program was established in 2013. We are a proud member of US Soccer & The Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA). Our boys & girls club teams are composed of players ranging from 8-18 years of age. These teams compete in VYSA sanctioned leagues and tournaments located in and around central Virginia. All Louisa FC players/teams are provided quality instruction from our certified coaching staff.


Louisa FC has been organized with the expressed intention to teach and promote soccer at a highly competitive level to youth players located in and around Louisa County. Any player selected or wanting to participate with our youth soccer program must demonstrate a passion for the game, the desire to improve upon their skills and understand the importance of teamwork.

The LFC Coaches & Staff are very dedicated to the development of our youth players and want to offer them the opportunities to learn more about the “Beautiful Game of Soccer”.


(PDP) is an instructional program dedicated to talented and enthusiastic youth players. The program is offered to youth players to provide a quality and enjoyable soccer environment that will enhance their skills, coordination, and understanding of the game. The primary objective is to introduce all PDP players to the fundamental technical skills and decision-making needed to participate on competitive travel teams. This program provides players with a transitional step between recreational and competitive soccer.


Coaches and managers are expected to maintain a high standard of behavior. Coaches and managers are expected to communicate regularly with parents and players concerning practices, games and tournament times and locations. Coaches are expected to know, and communicate to the players, the laws of soccer and any specific tournament rules. Coaches will offer positive and constructive comments to help each player maximize his/her potential and enjoyment of the game. Coaching focus will be on player development and providing each child with a strong foundation of skills, team work, and respect for others. This program will boost the player’s mindfulness of the game and raise their level of play. Preparing them for that next step on the pitch!


Players are expected to attend as many practices and games as possible throughout the season. Coaches must be informed of any plans which will cause a player to be absent or late for a game or practice.

Each player must maintain good sportsmanship at all times. Players are expected to offer only positive and constructive comments. Soccer is a team sport with all individual players contributing in different ways. Every player on the team is important to the coach and to the success of the team.

The general laws of the game and any special tournament rules must be known and understood by each player.

All players should be physically and mentally prepared for practice and games. The use of proper soccer equipment is required. All players are responsible for their actions on and off the field of play. The player’s commitment to the game, practice and playing ability are equally important in determining the amount of playing time in a game.

Players must abide by all rules affiliated with the LFC and LASA organization.

Players must adhere to the Louisa FC – Player Code of Conduct


Parents are expected to hold themselves to a high standard of behavior. This level of play places a demanding time commitment on both parents and players. Beyond the time associated with getting players promptly to practices and games, parents may be asked to help with other team related activities including fundraising endeavors.

Parents must adhere to the Louisa FC – Parents Code of Conduct